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Vince Ambrosetti

Vince Ambrosetti

Secular Franciscan - Professed in 1971

On October 4, 1977, Vince founded International Liturgy Publications, the oldest free-standing non-profit publisher of sacred music for the Catholic church. He was named Catholic Artist of the Year in December 2001, and has been honored with seven other Unity awards for his music. Vince sang his song "Sanctuary" during Communion at Mother Teresa’s funeral in Calcutta, India.

He has composed, recorded and, by invitation of the Vatican, performed for Pope John Paul II, the first English Mass Setting ever sung at St. Peter Basilica in Rome. His music has been placed in the Vatican archives alongside the works of Vivaldi, Puccini, Verdi and Corelli. Vince's music is published by
ILP Music.

Quantcast Vince completed his studies in Systematic Theology at the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indana. He was nominated for three Grammy Awards.
Vince Ambrosetti

Educational Background

In addition to his graduate studies in Theology, Scripture, Sacrament and Pastoral Ministry, Vince’s undergraduate disciplines include Public Speaking/English Literature and Music Composition.

Pastoral Background

Vince began working in pastoral ministry at the young age of seven, and has worked with parishes ranging from 100 families to parishes serving more than 5,000 households.

Managerial Background

To support the new and growing ILP, Vince Ambrosetti gained invaluable experience as the National Director of Training and Development for Merrill Lynch in its Diversified Financial Services Group, and as the founder and president of American Fidelity Mortgage Corporation. Although he ceased involvement in business endeavors in 1990 to focus solely on parish missions and publishing for the Catholic church, his business insights are a priceless addition to his interaction and support of each pastor.

   Areas of Expertise:

Vince Ambrosetti
Vince Ambrosetti
Vince Ambrosetti Vince Ambrosetti
Vince Ambrosetti schedules two years in advance, with some pockets of availability on shorter notice. He will be honored to serve you and your parish family.

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